Discover the timeless charm and exquisite craftsmanship of Scandinavian rugs in our latest article, where we unveil the top 10 brands to consider when looking to elevate your home decor. Scandinavia has long been synonymous with minimalist design, functional aesthetics, and an innate sense of beauty, all of which are reflected in their rug-making tradition. These rugs effortlessly blend form and function, offering both warmth and style to any space. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a novice searching for that perfect piece, our curated list will guide you through the world of Scandinavian rug brands known for their quality, innovation, and adherence to tradition. Join us as we explore the artistry behind these renowned brands, showcasing the rich heritage and contemporary design sensibilities that make Scandinavian rugs a must-have for interior enthusiasts.


10 Best brands to buy Scandinavian rugs

Nordic Knots

Simplicity and craft are the keynotes for an impeccable range of Scandinavian rugs from Nordic Knots. From solid colours to artful patterns, these specialists in seasonless trend offer a wide range of styles for your next handwoven Scandinavian rug. Ethos at Nordic Knots, formulated by founders Liza Laserow Berglund, Fabian Berglund and Felix Berglund, is that "great textiles are foundational and can transform a house into a harmonious home”. Select from their form-follows-function range of Scandinavian rugs in everything from all-natural weaves through flatweaves and outdoor rugs to, for the indulgent, rugs in cosseting shaggy wool.


If you’re seeking an inspiring philosophy as you browse Scandinavian rugs, consider this from Hem: "We exist for those searching for truly progressive furnishings, who won’t compromise on design, quality or sustainability”. Count us in: because this high-minded ethos is more than carried through to Hem’s high-end selection of Scandinavian rugs, using hand-picked designers from around the world to craft rugs in everything from subtle, neutral weaves complementing any and all decor, to signature bold highly contemporary Scandinavian design rugs. If your home needs a landmark Scandinavian-area rug to last a lifetime, Hem is the place to go.


Danish design in Scandinavian rugs comes no more affordable than those from Hay of Copenhagen. Founder Rolf Hay regards the work of his designers as artworks: “What I admire about art,” he says, "is the unexpected, the originality.” This is a company which believes in the power of great design and their Scandinavian rugs bear that out. Idea is to revive the burgeoning creativity that characterised design of the 1950s and 1960s. If your Scandinavian style rug is for a mid-century modern style home, Hay have your back. From quiet to bold, there’s a handwoven Scandinavian rug in their select range to suit all tastes.

Normann Copenhagen

Storied Danish design house Normann Copenhagen is so much more than a super-reliable place to find Scandinavian rugs to add that finishing touch to your domestic interiors because Normann are prime innovators in all that they release, from quietly radical design to materials used. So while there are rugs in 100% New Zealand wool - the finest - there are also environmentally-sound options in recycled polyester, rugs which reuse plastic bottles to create a conversation piece for your home. Normann Copenhagen’s founders Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen speak of "clean lines with a playful twist” and that defines every handwoven Scandinavian rug in their range.


Copenhagen’s &Tradition have won plaudits and international acclaim for their reinvention of past classics - as well as their commitment to creating the classics of the future. So when it comes to Scandinavian rugs, &Tradition's designs are divided up into specific collections, with one range - for instance - the work of skilled artisans in Bikaner, India using, among others, undyed natural wool, while other signature designs more conventionally use New Zealand wool. Shapes are playful and go beyond the merely rectangular; another key to the &Tradition approach of both drawing on heritage and totally reinventing inspirations.


Here’s a company that’s become something of a worldwide interior design legend. BoConcept was founded in the early heyday of mid-century modern design in the 1950s and their success may be down to how they appoach each piece, which naturally includes a stellar range of Scandinavian rugs: "We stand for craftsmanship, uncompromising attention to detail and exceptional materials.” This is the place to go for a truly innovative handwoven Scandinavian rug in jute, cotton or wool. Leather rugs are available too, while designs are as bold as you dare with designs that seek to redefine the rug as an artwork.


"Every Audo design,” says this forward-looking Danish company, "is made to serve a function with deep form and feeling.” Translation: expect minimalism in the quietly brilliant range of Audo’s Scandinavian rugs. These are designs which might appear to be simple at first glance, but the genius in every one of their handwoven Scandinavian rugs lies in the detail: whether that’s an unexpected weaving technique or the use of undyed fibres. There’s nothing here that shouts, simply because great quality and superior design is best spoken in a low whisper.


Scandinavian rugs at ferm LIVING - they’re keen on capital letters at this Copenhagen-based company - are all designed and made with a single idea in mind, that of founder Trine Andersen: “to inspire people to create the kind of space that makes them feel comfortable, that allows them to be themselves in their own home”. Result here is that distinctively Scandinavian design rugs have an aura of inner calm, as if like they’ve always been part of your life. Recycled plastic bottles form the backbone of many ferm LIVING rugs, while others use New Zealand wool to great effect.


There’s an air of peace about Woud’s collection of highly sophisticated Scandinavian rugs. Colours are muted which, of course, is the whole point: creating, as Woud like to put it, "inspiring, quality designs in honest materials”. Among material innovations are rugs in bamboo silk and cotton; wool and jute used to mesmeric effect - or pure wool and cotton to a design originating in Los Angeles. Woud is a company keen on fostering its ethical relationships with both creators and manufacturers and this highly contemporary approach has resulted in a deserved worldwide reputation.

Design House Stockholm

You wouldn’t necessarily expect a company with such a directly simple name as Design House Stockholm to be Brooklyn-based, but it’s this international focus that allows for a range of Scandinavian rugs created around the world. As these innovators put it: “the term ‘Scandinavian’ refers to a philosophic and aesthetic perspective”. Range of what we have to call Scandinavian design rugs, rather than those which originate in Nordic countries, is small but perfectly formed, combining - for instance - wool with leather in soft-spoken designs that will easily lift any interior.

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