Monochrome has never looked so good. Bistro 38 by Richard Lindvall has transformed a former sausage factory and tax agency in Stockholm, Sweden, in to a contemporary space that boasts room for both conferences spaces and a stunning bistro.

The elegant interior takes on greater profanity when considered what it once was. Before the year long renovations to create its current demeanour, the premises were then used by the Swedish Tax Agency and were long-lastingly neglected, consisting of a tavern of tiny meeting rooms with a ceiling height of just 240cm.

Quite simply one of the most opulent interior transformations to catch the OPUMO eye, the interior is inspired by much admired Scandinavian minimalism with a strong industrial focus. Absorbing inspiration from stellar hotels and restaurants in Amsterdam, Shanghai and New York, by taking large imposing buildings with lots of space and creating a welcoming, warm atmosphere so rare in projects that take on industrial renovations.

Bistro 38, however, succeeds with a supreme style; creating a warmth in environment, but still keeping the raw, fresh materials of building the focus of the eye.

The extent of raw materials is quite impressive, no less, as 48 tons of concrete was poured in to the construction, creating contemporary floors, two bars, a sweeping reception desk and a 3.5 metre wash basin in the large downstairs rest room.

In keeping with the sharp, minimalist interior only the best materials were selected to create this experimental masterpiece. Maple wood, cognac coloured leather, concrete, galvanised steel, white tiles and black iron details create a stylish but relaxed atmosphere throughout, whilst, to add an accent colour, Valcromat in orange and brown was used for table tops, side tables, cabinet doors and menus.

Divided into three rooms, all revolving around a central black iron beam structure that has been designed to serve unique functions for each area; The centre of Bistro 38 holds a long two-level sofa where one side faces the massive concrete bar and the other, while the lower part is turned towards the dining area.

Industry meets ingenuity. The ultimate use of space and functionality courtesy of Richard Lindvall’s Bistro 38.

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