We all know that a beautiful pair of sunglasses or spectacles can make a massive difference to one's appearance. But what if said eyewear could make a difference on a much larger scale? That was the thinking behind Bloobloom, a London-based label creating eyewear that not only looks good, but does good.

Pair for a Pair

Bloobloom was founded by Abbas and Farès Manai on the basis that "we didn’t want to choose between looking after ourselves and looking out for others". Its 'Pair for a Pair' program is evidence of the real action it takes. The label has partnered with local non-profit organisations in developing countries like Rwanda to ensure that for every pair of Bloobloom glasses purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need. A sustainable model ensures that the organisations don't just hand out free glasses, but provide much-needed eyecare as well. When 2.5 billion people around the world still don’t have access to glasses, this simple initiative has the power to change lives.

Total transparency

Bloobloom prides itself on a totally transparent approach, encouraging its customers to hold it accountable by revealing everything from the true cost of every product it makes (including materials, labour, transport and taxes) to where its materials are sourced and assembled. The label goes to great lengths to hand-pick factories around the world with impeccable ethical and environmental standards, and uses only the finest materials for its lenses and frames. Check out the product page of the glasses you're interested in for the full lowdown.

Timeless style

In a world of thoughtlessly mass-produced accessories that break or go out of style within a few months of purchase, Bloobloom designs glasses that are made to last — both functionally and aesthetically. A clean and contemporary look underpins the Bloobloom offering. Choose from boldly coloured frames — like the Designer in yellow — or keep things classic with a more minimalist aesthetic, epitomised by the sophisticated Bookworm or retro-inspired Daydreamer.

Try before you buy

Struggling to commit? With Bloobloom's home try-on service, you can test out five frames for free, to assess which ones suit best. Once Bloobloom sends you the frames, you have five days to test out how they look and feel, before sending them back for free. Shopping online for eyewear has never been easier.

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