Price: £19,995 | Year: 1990 | Engine: Straight-6

Introduced in September 1988, the BMW E34 M5 was the Motorsport-developed version of the E34 5-Series saloon and Touring. It was powered by the S38 twin-cam 24v straight-6 and featured a BMW Motorsport-tuned chassis as well as a few cosmetic changes and, unlike the normal 5-series, the BMW E34 M5 was hand-assembled at the BMW Motorsport facility in Munich.

This car is a certified future classic thanks to the clean, sharp angles and boxy body. Dressed in a deep Macao Blue Metallic hue, this BMW E34 M5 features Silver-grey nappa leather interiors that top off the sleek, mysterious appearance. The Macao Blue Metallic paintwork contrasts with Sebring Grey side skirts and presents to an extremely high standard, free from any signs of wear and tear. 

While you’ve probably seen pictures of this machine many times before, only 524 right-hand drive examples were ever made. This rare UK example was first registered in August 1990 and appears to not have aged a day since then. 

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That’s why we’re positing this as a true future classic. Not only does the model embody car design ideals of the era, it’s been kept in such good condition that it could just as likely appear in competitions as it could a museum. From the blemish-free paint to the plush nappa leather interiors, this is a stylish piece of motoring history that we’re desperate to get behind the wheel of. 

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