Christmas Day is unfortunately only an annual event which means that you have 364 days a year to plan your Christmas Day style. Maybe you’re a comfortable Christmasser, choosing pyjamas or sweats. On the other side of the spectrum, you might celebrate with sophistication, opting for a shirt and maybe even a blazer for the special day. Somewhere in between these two extremes sits the OPUMO ideal. Neither too formal nor too casual – we say enjoy the day, look your best, but recognise that at some point you’ll collapse into a comfortable armchair and this isn’t the time to be wearing a blazer. This week’s top 5 items to drop will act as a vague outline to how we’ll be navigating Christmas Day style. 

5 things

19-69 Chronic Eau De Parfum

Christmas Day is a day when you can go all out with no shame, so do things properly. Our sense of smell is extremely heavily linked with memory, arguably more so than any other sense. Leave your guests with something nice to remember the day by, 19-69’s Chronic Eau De Parfum perhaps? This unisex scent is a refreshing, bright fragrance topped by notes of bitter grapefruit with a rounded base note of moss.

5 things

5 things

Menu Colline Offset 1 Seater

The time has come. There’s been a lot of food, a lot of socialising and a little to drink. Take some weight off on Menu’s Colline Offset armchair. Colline Offset is designed by Norm Architects as a study into balance. The studio wanted to create seating as simply as possible while embracing a set of paradoxes. It had to be substantial but delicate in appearance and architectural but inviting and homely. Put a film on and your feet up, but be warned, you will have to get out of the chair at some point.

5 things
Source by Leise Dich Abrahamsen

The Poster Club Source by Leise Dich Abrahamsen

We have to admit that this high-quality abstract print doesn’t have much to do with your Christmas Day, but we couldn’t resist including it. The Poster Club is a Copenhagen-based collective known for its willingness to champion established and upcoming artists. The brand’s range of stylish art prints crosses abstract, graphic design, photography and more. Source by Leise Dich Abrahamsen uses contrasting fine lines against a black backdrop to create a piece that’s open to the viewer’s interpretation.

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