While many think that children are easy to please at Christmas, we disagree. Admittedly, childlike wonder is at an all-time high at this time of year, but we think that the distinction between a good Christmas present and a great Christmas present is most apparent when it comes to kids. It’s easy to bring a smile to smaller faces at Christmas, any piece of bright plastic will most likely do the job, but only a great kids’ Christmas present will see extended use. If it’s still being used on Boxing Day, it’s passed the first hurdle. If it’s being used months later then it’s in a very exclusive club – the half of fame. We believe that Brum Brum’s balance bikes are the best Christmas presents for kids in recent years, and a firm contender for the festive hall of fame. Here’s why.

brum brum

Brum Brum materials

Each Brum Brum bike frame is crafted from the highest-quality Baltic birch and oak plywood. These premium materials offer durability as well as natural suspension thanks to a bended frame. Bikes for kids will be tested to their limit, taking knocks and a few falls here and there. That’s why Krisjanis Jermaks and his team knew there was only one way to make Brum Brum – it had to be as high quality as possible. One of the cornerstones of the design is that its eco-friendly, so all of the materials are sourced responsibly.

brum brum

Brum Brum Balance Bike style

Alongside safety and environmental responsibility, simplicity was another key consideration for the team behind Brum Brum. The high-quality oak and birch construction of the wooden balance bike is left lightly treated so as to emphasise the flowing shape of the frame. The bended frame is not an entirely aesthetic addition, either. This shape of frame gives each bike a natural suspension that’s more than necessary when the wheels feature puncture-proof tubeless tyres.

Special design features

For such a visually simple design, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Several hidden features make this kids’ balance bike a hall-of-fame candidate. We’ll begin with the possibility to change the size of the bike using a simple peg mechanism. This bike isn’t just for Christmas – when they grow, so does the bike. Lightweight 12’ duralumin ‘finger-safe’ wheels remove the possibility of any nasty finger-related incidents and are wrapped in puncture-proof tubeless tyres. Finally, a small bend at the rear of the seat ensures a spine-neutral position when riding.


Set your kids off on the right path for cycling stardom with this premium wooden balance bike, proven to develop a child’s sense of balance and kinetics. The product is made with environmentally friendly materials and techniques, looks great and encourages good habits. Give a present that will last longer this Christmas.

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