Contemporary Swedish footwear and clothing label Axel Arigato is renowned for its boundary-pushing approach to design. Such innovation is reflected in the impressive interior design of the label's massive gallery-like Copenhagen flagship store that opened last year.

Designed by the brand's co-founder Max Svardh in collaboration with renowned architect Christian Halleröd, the retail space is set in a beautiful historical building on the Danish capital's fashionable Pilestræde. It measures 270 sqm across two floors, with a monumental staircase in the centre of the store that invites customers up to the first floor, allowing them to browse the art and merchandise exhibited along the way.

Raw concrete features heavily throughout, lending the space a brutalist edge. Bold bursts of colour contrast the grey, with striking podiums made of jesmonite dipped in high gloss lacquer acting as sculptures in their own right.

One of the most impressive — and absurd — elements of the space is a life-size buttocks sculpture called the #SilverDerriere, designed in collaboration with artist Kiri-Una Brito Meumann with the intention of fostering human connection.

“I approach our store formats as I design sneakers, the shape of the object comes first, the material is secondary," Svardh explained. “ Our mission has always been to work without boundaries and bridge fashion, art, commerce and community. I believe that architecture is something that comes to life and receives a purpose by the interaction of people.”

Visit the space for yourself: Pilestræde 16, 1112 København, Denmark.

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