The term 'premium leather' is knocked about quite a bit these days, so it can be difficult to determine true quality. But when you do happen to come across it, you know you're in for a real treat. Enter Café Leather Supply. Founded in 2017 by Spaniards Kiko Requena Bua and Miguel Sanchez Ibaneza, the Madrid-based brand has already garnered a reputation for its mastery of made-to-last products that truly encapsulate the meaning of premium leather.

All of Café Leather's products, from its gloves and wallets to notebooks and bags, are made using durable, hard-wearing leather that's vegetable tanned in order to reduce chemical use and minimise environmental impact. One of the main characteristics of vegetable tanned leather is that its pores are left open, allowing the leather to age beautifully, so you can expect your Café Leather products to develop a unique patina over time.

Inspired by a simpler time when products were made lovingly and painstakingly to ensure ultimate longevity, Café Leather prides itself on taking a slow, sustainable approach to craftsmanship. With an active rejection of today's fast fashion obsession, the label works with a group of highly skilled artisans in Ubrique, a small Spanish village that is renowned for its centuries-old leather tanning tradition. As one of Café Leather's craftsmen, the Ubrique-born Juan, puts it: “Art cannot be learned, you have to grow along with it and understand it. This work is not for everyone, it’s for those who love and understand the leather processes. Our village and its people grew along with leather goods... For us, leather is not our work, leather is our life”.

Whether you're a classic car enthusiast looking for some high quality driving gloves to pair with your vintage motor, or simply an appreciator of high quality leather craftsmanship hoping to enrich your wardrobe, Café Leather's premium leather accessories are destined to serve you well for decades to come.

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