Caprini & Pellerin Architects bring us Fidji, a villa located in sunny Cap d’Antibes in the French Riviera. The most striking aspect of this property is the ease with which Caprini & Pellerin have merged different materials. Raw concrete sits next to wooden pillars and mosaic-like stoned walls. 

Although a variety of materials has been used, the architects have expertly matched them throughout, creating a uniform style from non-uniform materials. Dark wood runs through the house, be it in the form of a structural pillar or a drawer. While marble appears on the fireplace as well as sinks and work tops.

The interior is – like the exterior – stark and at first look cold. This said, when the inevitable sun of the French Riviera begins to flood through the many windows, the interior of this villa lights up and seems endlessly spacious.

The overall feeling of the villa is one of restraint. Intelligent interior design has carried this villa into the 23rd century, but also grounded it in the rich natural history of the beautiful Riviera. Dark wood borders concrete walls as the two materials juxtapose but also compliment each other.

Unfortunately, we don’t think the Porsche pictured in the shots of the villa’s exterior comes with the villa itself. It's certainly worth asking, though. 

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