Looks like it's just off to the Dakar Rally, is in fact a concept bike from Lancashire. CCM – Clews Competition Machines – meticulously hand-build machines for off-roading enthusiasts and racers at their long-standing base in Bolton. You're looking at their latest idea: a 600 cc single-cylinder thumper, in the colours of a Camel Trophy Land Rover, aimed at adventurous riders keen to go very much off-tarmac.

This rugged concept made its debut at the Malle Mile off-road extravaganza in Lincolnshire and understandably caused quite a stir, winning grass track events. Lightweight – just 149kg – means swift acceleration, with 62 bhp available. Super-long suspension travel guarantees easy progress over difficult terrain. 

Basis is CCM's Spitfire platform, new bodywork is 3D-printed, engine was originally sourced from Husqvarna, suspension is by Öhlins and bespoke triple rims are by Haan Wheels of The Netherlands. Finish for a concept is of a very high standard - and CCM are now considering whether to make a limited-edition production version. Our view? Of course!

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