CDLP provides all the underwear and swimwear you'll ever need. Reinventing men's essentials with style and sustainability, this Swedish company believes what's underneath is just as important as what's on show. Founders Christian Larson and Andreas Palm have selected a third generation family owned factory in Portugal to realise their vision of the perfect underwear. Fabrics are organic and derived from wood pulp, an innovative solution that results in sustainability and is both breathable and supremely comfortable. 

CDLP's fit has to be tried to be believed. This isn't underwear as you know it, it's as much a part of your personal style as anything else that you wear. Forget fancy patterns and dodgy fits, CDLP provides a very personal sort of luxury. The use of Lyocell, which is derived from wood pulp, is key. This fabric provides both comfort and is responsibly sourced. Portuguese specialists craft all of CDLP's Swedish designed underwear and swimwear, ensuring quality and shape. Fit of both underwear and swimwear is true to size. Never again under-estimate the importance of what you wear underneath. 

Key points to consider:

  • Swedish design results in the perfect fit
  • Lyocell fabric means all-day comfort
  • Swimwear is subtle and stylish

CDLP sizing guide:

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