Rip-roaring ready to take you off-road in style is this reimagined classic Ford Mustang. It’s called the STL-1, a brilliantly unlikely creation from Milanese design studio BorromeodeSilva, a classic Ford Mustang restomod designed to go anywhere - literally anywhere - at high speed. Idea is to meld American muscle car with Italian flair to create a singular experience. This classic Ford Mustang has been reimagined from ground up, ready for your next extreme adventure. We’re already strapped on board and raring to go.

Creators Carlo Borromeo and Fabio de Silva have taken their time over this project. Idea was born when Borromeo drove his 1968 classic Ford Mustang from New York to Buenos Aires back in 2008. “I began to imagine,” he says, "how this extraordinary muscle car could be modified to become the perfect all-terrain car destined for adventure.” Idea he says is to build “the best off-road Mustang in the world.” First job: take off the roof of a fastback classic Ford Mustang and replace it with a bespoke hand-built tubular roll cage tracing the familiar outline of that roof, offering 360º vision while protecting occupants from any unforeseen misadventure.

All-terrain tyres on turbine-style wheels, added fog lights and substantial crankcase guard express this restomod classic Ford Mustang’s utility, which is key to its form follows function appeal. Greater ground clearance is a given, new underbody complete with independent suspension, inboard brakes and performance drive shaft offer further clues to the obsession of this build. Upfront is Ford’s five-litre Coyote V8 as fitted to 21st century Mustangs, to make sure you’re never short of power in your restomod classic Ford Mustang.

Inside you’ll be securely strapped into an entirely reimagined interior, with new seats, suite of digital instruments and a sports steering wheel. "It should be noted,” BorromeodeSilva point out, as we examine every detail of this apparently classic Ford Mustang, "that the body of the new vehicle is made from scratch from special automotive grade steel for a stronger structure than the original, while retaining the exact shape.”

While these beguiling images are for the moment digital renderings as this classic Ford Mustang restomod build gets underway,  Carlo Borromeo and Fabio de Silva have stellar form in reimagining the classics. For Automobili Amos, they created a limited edition Lancia Delta Integrale known as the Safarista, to attack the next mountain, sand dune or Dakar Rally. Each one of 50 was priced at a cool £500,000. So far, there’s to be only one STL-1 classic Ford Mustang, and if you commission these visionary restomod specialists to make another just for you, expect to pay somewhat more than that half a million - and to grin from ear to ear every time you get behind the wheel.

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