“The careful balance of the design is the motion.”

The latest concept from Chinese studio Umn Design extends the basic form of geometric design through bringing to life the dynamics of folded paper.

The new concrete stationary collection proves the requisite that 'accessible design is good design', as the carefully curated series is available in a set of four, with each individual piece of a different height and shape to allow them to slot into one another.

Titled ‘V-pleats’, the natural concrete series includes a rectangular storage tray, a set of pen holders, a bookend and a triangular tape dispenser – all of which are unified by having folded paper as the reference point behind each design.

The sharp triangular shape is a recurring motif throughout the collection, which allows the various stationary pieces to be joined into one. Displayed by the innovative tape dispenser which consists of a pair of triangles - one at the centre and one taller one used to tear the individual strand of tape. Elsewhere, the bookends deploy the three-sided façade into a zigzag surface to provide more space for storage.

Take a closer look at the Umn Design website for more detailed designs and be sure to check out the company’s elegant range of wall clocks and tables.

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