Let's face it. Our skin goes through a lot every day of our busy lives. What to do when problems come up? How to protect and nourish skin prone to pimples and acne? Danish Skin Care cuts through the complexity the characterises so many products in the skincare market with a tightly edited range of clear and simple products aimed primarily at those with less-than-perfect skin.

Key to the approach is a refreshingly honest and open policy. There is no language to baffle here, just clearly-labelled skincare sets that describe exactly what they aim to do. As Danish Skin Care themselves put it: "We think it’s time to make a change in the skincare industry, and only talk and share honesty when it comes to ingredients and products."

Ingredients are clearly set out and explained: primarily Vitamin A for improving and protecting, Vitamin B5 for keeping moisture at the correct level, chamomile to soothe and reduce irritation, Vitamin B3 to help treat scars and sun damage, and Vitamin E to protect and improve skin. Labelling on each product is just as simple, in the finest form-follows-function tradition of Danish culture and design.

Danish Skin Care's quest for simplicity began in 2011 and now includes matter-of-fact guides on how to deal with common skin issues and problems. These are aimed at everyone from those beginning on their skincare journey to those seeking a fresh and down-to-earth approach. It's the same refreshing, no-nonsense proposition that characterises all that Danish Skin Care do.

It’s the Danish way to bring simple solutions to apparently complicated problems. In a market where long words and unnecessary intricacy dominate the shelves, Danish Skin Care presents itself as the effective, open and honest choice. In short: the simple Scandinavian solution is here, and it works.

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