Illustrator Andrea Ucini is no ordinary artist. He is entirely self-taught. He also has a degree in composition and classic piano from the Music Academy of Florence. And he regularly composes music and plays several instruments. All of his skills, although independent and incredibly impressive, come together every now and again to inspire Ucini to draw.


Ucini has become known for his intricate and unique illustrations that provide a subtle twist on reality courtesy of their concealed hidden plot lines. Within Ucini’s illustrations you are invited to sneak a peek behind a veil of a shadow of a streetlamp, that uncovers another realm – whether that’s a secret world or just a curious rodent, well that’s up to you to decide.



Ucini finds inspiration from the contrasts and conflicts in the arts, literature and politics and daily life – and he develops these influences with a twist of humour. His ongoing search for new combinations and turning points to catch and change the viewers’ attention and way of thinking is remarkable given how few artistic effects he actually uses. His visual expressions are always pure and minimalist, but the complex concepts turn his drawings into strong and solitary visual solutions.

Enjoy a few of our favourite illustrations in the image gallery above and check out more of Andrea Ucini’s work on his Instagram and Behance.

All images courtesy of Andrea Ucini.