Superficially it's an immaculate classic Range Rover. Underneath lies a monster. Here's why Project Alpha, from Land Rover obsessives East Coast Defender Automotive, is a brilliant reimagining of a great car:


The Aesthetics Are Spot On

Two tone grey-black paintwork underlines the functional nature of Spen King's original Range Rover design. A deep bumper and spoiler, together with fresh sidelight/indicator units, further expresses Project Alpha's sense of purpose. Low profile tyres sit on bold dished five spoke black alloys to complete a compelling exterior picture. Inside you'll luxuriate in supple leather.

What's Under The Bonnet?

Here's the big change. ECD Automotive are based in Florida and Los Angeles so the obvious new power unit comes from one of the great American sports cars. Project Alpha, then, is powered by a 6.2 litre V8 from a Corvette, packing 430bhp. No performance figures are listed. Brutal power is guaranteed. Hold on tight.

It's A Fully Bespoke Car

You can have a Range Rover just like Project Alpha, but only built to order. ECD Automotive have previously specialised in Defenders. We'd say their first foray into Range Rovers is an unqualified success.




Take a closer look at the Project Alpha Range Rover in the image gallery above and for more information, and even more Range Rover inspiration, head to the East Coast Defender Automotive website.