El Rayo is on a mission to change the way we think about tequila. The London-based company was founded by south Londoners Tom Bishop and Jack Vereket, tequila lovers who quit their day jobs to dedicate themselves to giving Mexico's national drink the true respect it deserves and is so often denied – particularly here in the UK.

Designed to be paired with tonic, El Rayo intends to turn tequila into your first drink of the night rather than your last, with the belief that it warrants more than to be drunkenly knocked back at 3am with a lick of salt and bite of lime.

El Rayo offers two expressions: the fresh and citrusy unaged No.1 Plata and the soft and warm No. 2 Reposado, which is aged for seven months in American white oak whiskey barrels. Read on for our take of the original El Rayo Plata. A tequila and tonic (known by its catchy moniker T&T) might just be the summer drink you've been searching for.

El Rayo Plata review

If your go-to drink is a G&T, you'll love the refreshing combination of El Rayo Plata tequila and tonic. Created in collaboration with Maestro Tequilero Oscar Garcia using hand-planted and hand-harvested blue agave, Plata retains as many of the complex flavours of the original agave as possible, resulting in a unique combination of savoury and vegetal notes.

The taste is undeniably light and delicate. Rich herbal aromas balance perfectly with energising citrus notes, before leading into a subtle peppery spice. The bittersweet taste of Indian tonic water serves as the perfect complement to the aromatic spirit: it's tequila as we've never tasted it before – clean and vibrant. So, next time you go to make yourself a G&T, why not consider swapping out the gin for El Rayo tequila? Simply add a slice of fresh grapefruit to garnish and enjoy.

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