Pastels have been trickling into a lot of your wardrobes over the last few seasons and now your new-found-favourite shades are fully deserving of a space in your interior, too. That’s thanks to Schneid – the dynamic German design studio – who has just released its latest collection of premium pastel homeware that revitalises a lot of your favourite ceramics, pots and home accessories into items that are a lot brighter and bigger than they’ve ever been before.


Schneid's goal is a little bit different to your ordinary design studio because they are known for their small batch production, supporting of local manufacturers, short delivery routes and focus on sustainability. Schneid's independent and self-directed design process enables them to support local workshops and to create new markets for age-old art forms in the process. Basically, its a more responsible way to experience modern design and its an approach that elevates the sense of craftsmanship and artisanship in each piece of homeware, too.

The brand takes its name from the German equivalent of ‘being bold’ and its safe to say that Schneid live up to that name with its debut range of striking colours and stand-out shapes. Just because its new range of homeware is full of powder pinks and dulcet green pastel tones, doesn’t mean they can’t be at home in any interior. Quite the opposite. They’re likely to enhance it.



The beauty of their sculpted shape and pop colours is that they can be mixed and matched in whatever way you see fit. Don’t be afraid to mix this pared-back palette by adding retro style furniture with hints of distressed metals, intricate textiles, light woods and classic autumnal and winter tones like terracotta, grey and greens that nod to 1960s modernism.