Paper Collective is an online art emporium that brings together up-and-coming creatives to create limited-edition graphic prints. The one-stop shop is brimming with unique works by emerging artists, designers and illustrators, serving as the perfect destination for becoming acquainted with fresh talent. Scroll on to discover the work of three emerging artists that Paper Collective has brought to our attention recently. These are the names to know now.

Nina Bruun

Nina Bruun is a Copenhagen-based designer who has made a name for herself as a leading source on interior trends, colour knowledge and design forecasting. She applies her in-depth knowledge of colours, trends and textiles to her art practice, which involves graphic prints, the confident use of colour and experimentation with shape and form. Her achievements include having received a Red Dot Design Award and having work accepted in the permanent collection at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

Amelie Hegardt

Swedish-born and Lisbon-based, Amelie Hegardt is a fashion illustrator who creates art that walks the line between explicit emotion and style. She has a keen interest in ideas of power, seduction and beauty and translates these to her work, which is characterised aesthetically by delicate line, bursts of colour and the prominence of negative space. Each brushstroke adds a sense of depth and character to each of her depictions of the fashion world.

Julie Pike

Julie Pike is a Scottish-born photographer based in Oslo, Norway, who is most known for her work in fashion photography. She creates narratives with a subtle poetic touch, so that each of her photographs manage to capture a specific set of emotions. Threads of nostalgia seem to emanate from Julie's work, resulting in images that appear almost like film stills. Colours are faded and small details, like painted toenails or creased leather, are brought into sharp focus.

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