Rebranding derelict buildings with individual scrawls of graffiti may well be a sight that you have seen many times before, but we suspect you have never seen murals quite like the latest series of work from Nelio.



French street artist Nelio makes his mark on the world in a different way. Instead of idiosyncratic scribbles, Nelio blends influences from abstract art, architecture, cubism and graphic design to create large-scale graffiti murals. Continuing to stay true to the roots of street art, Nelio uses the humble spray-can to build pieces made of cleanly cut symbols, geometric shapes and the occasional human feature. Along with other influences of ancient art and pastel colour palettes, Nelio’s work possesses a mysterious, ineffable language that communicates with its audience on a level similar to that of a hieroglyphics or a piece of contemporary art.


[caption id="attachment_21814" align="alignnone" width="694"]Nelio-Graffiti2] .[/caption] [caption id="attachment_21813" align="alignnone" width="695"]Nelio-Graffiti3 .[/caption]}

Check out more of Nelio’s enchanting work by following him on Instagram, @_Nelio, and by taking a trip to his website.