The imposing, standardised aesthetic of housing blocks and skyscrapers have for a long time cluttered cityscapes rather than contribute to them. However, Florian Mueller’s latest photography series, ‘Singularity I’, presents the most alluring and unusual buildings in a whole new light.



German photographer Florian W. Mueller, who is a self-claimed ‘lover of searching for the unusual’, offers a minimalist view of buildings and skyscrapers that he captures across his travels across the world. From Hong Kong to New York, passing through Berlin and London, the photographer grasps the most overlooked elements of the buildings to create images that ‘demand an interaction with the beholder.’


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Explore our favourite image from the ‘Singularity I’ series above and head to Florian W. Mueller’s website and Instagram, @iso74com, to see more 'buildings reduced to the max’.

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