Designed to pick up the baton from the supremely successful, yet slowly dwindling 365 GTB/4 Daytona, the Ferrari 365 GT4/BB forged a new era in sports car technology for its unique sport-racer characteristics. Above all else, it was Ferrari’s first road-going car to feature a mid-mounted, flat-12-cylinder, 4.4-litre engine producing 380bhp. An engine derived from Ferrari’s F1 car.

The 365 was first introduced to the world in Turin in 1971, and it obtained the nickname of the ‘Boxer’ for its formidable F1 engine and for its opposing pistons. The exotic design was derived from the company’s famous three-litre Formula One car, and it took two years to bring into production.


The first ‘Boxer’ was designed to rival the Lamborghini Miura and the newly developed Lamborghini Countach. In total, only 387 were built, of which 88 were right-hand drive, making this particular 365 – currently available via Fast Classics – the rarest of all Berlinetta Boxers.




The two-tier paintwork and the Pininfarina-designed body of this particular 365 remains in pristine condition, and the blistered arches and the unmistakable wedge profile represents the pinnacle for Pininfarina in the period. The magnificent Blue Chiaro paintwork and the compact nature of the design draws attention to the raked front end and the svelte pop-up headlamp and front grille arrangement. But best of all, it could be all yours. Head to the Fast Classics website for full auction information.