Nestled in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Fearon Hay Architects’ Alpine Terrace House is a low-profile sanctuary. When weather conditions can get as harsh as they do in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, intelligent architecture is highly important. Alpine Terrace House is a 370 sq.m. cluster of black buildings which surround a haven-like courtyard.

Overlooking the Wakatipu Basin, Alpine Terrace’s floor-to-ceiling windows provide stunning vistas and let in crisp natural light. The sleek interior is in-keeping with the black exterior, with confident hits of more natural dark browns and reds in the furniture, echoing the wild surroundings.

This modern property is built around a small central courtyard which, protected on all sides by the walls of the rest of the house, is a perfect haven when the high mountain winds set in. Retreat indoors and watch from a warm bath, or stay sheltered in the courtyard. Either way, Alpine Terrace House offers the cosiest seat in the house.

Images by Simon Wilson.

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