There’s only one of these and you’re looking at it. Commissioned by a Ferrari collector, based on the mechanicals of the hugely successful 488 GT3 racer, the KC23 is a one-off piece of sleek aerodynamic wizardry from Ferrari’s Special Projects. It’s the automotive equivalent of a made-to-measure Savile Row suit, expertly designed to cut through the air on your next track day - it’s not road legal - as efficiently as possible.


Huge rear wing is removable, movable body panels include aero devices aft of front wheels and, further back, motorised cooling vents for mid-mounted twin-turbo V8. Front lights reference Ferrari’s recent Le Mans winner, butterfly doors open vertically as a nod to LaFerrari supercar, revealing an interior straight out of a race car. There’s a passenger seat for the privileged and brave, onlookers will notice Gold Mercury colourway changing in sunlight, result is a priceless piece of Ferrari jewellery.

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