Christmas is a time of stuff, lots and lots of stuff. Gone are the days of losing presents in a pile on the floor, investing in good storage is an instant problem solver. Finding the right storage can be a pain though, we know that. There are so many different types, sizes, colours. So, here’s a quick run down of some of our favourite storage solutions. They'll help during Christmas, for sure, but these storage ideas for your home will keep things organised and out-of-sight all year round. 

Shelf Storage

MOEBE’s Oak Tall Double Shelving System marks a turning point in furniture that you have to build at home. It’s no longer a dreadful task, the ease with which anyone can build MOEBE’s shelving system, and the freedom that the system allows, makes the activity a pleasure. Build your perfect shelves, as tall as you like, as long as you like, and even around corners. The possibilities are endless. 

Elsewhere, the Hem Oak High Zig Zag Shelf focuses on function and simplicity. The screwless design is made of high-quality oak and is made with the modern city dweller in mind. The shelves are delivered in a flat package and can be assembled with ease and without the need for tools. Not only that, the clear-cut Zig Zag shelf is great because it basically means you can put your prints, books, vases and accessories on display in a practical way. Leaving work tops and tables clean in the process.


Multi-Functional Drawers

Frama’s Walnut Sutoa Shelf is a beauty. The dark oak of the drawers gives this storage set a class that few others have. The discreet steel frame takes no attention from the stack of drawers, each slightly smaller than the last which forms the opening handle. ‘Sutoa’ means ‘to contain’ in Japanese, and with the variety of sizes of drawers, this stack certainly does 'contain'. It's a clear statement of function balanced with simplicity and your home will look all the better for it.




Storage Frames & Racks

MILLION CPH is a design studio known for their minimalist approach to furniture. No frilly touches, just high-quality materials that fulfil their duty while looking sleek and modern – perfect. The Light Grey / Solid Oak Hanger Libertine Rack is a no-nonsense structure, made to lean against a wall and containing nothing that isn’t useful, this Scandinavian frame does what it says on the tin.


Living Room Trolleys

Kristina Dam’s Black Bauhaus Bar Trolley lives up to its Bauhaus name, being a collection of striking black lines and angles. This is perhaps the most versatile option of our picks. Kristina Dam has transformed a purely utilitarian storage solution into an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. It's properly multi-functional, too. Whether it's used as a movable serving trolley or bar cart. You can easily use it for anything from a bedside table to a coffee table, too. 

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