There’s a lot of homeware brands out there, and a lot of design studios too, so finding an individual identity in the wide and rapidly expanding world of modern design is understandably hard. MOEBE – the Scandinavian design collective who make some of the finest contemporary furniture around – have made it look pretty easy. That’s because, they don’t get involved in competing with other Scandinavian interior design brands or building quick quips to make them appear different, outlandish or unique. MOEBE’s belief is to ‘keep things simple’ because ‘the world is complex enough.’ Which, we’re sure you’ll agree, is about all we can ask for nowadays.

It’s a pioneering mission statement in the way it makes MOEBE different to a lot of other design brands out there. But, most importantly, it also contributes to the brand's wider vision of producing high-quality Scandinavian furniture and homeware that will slot effortlessly into any interior. MOEBE mirrors, shelving systems and home accessories have made a name for themselves worldwide for that very reason. That's why we thought you should know all about it. Which is why our latest edit pulls together five of the finest MOEBE designs out there. Scroll down to enjoy the full edit and check out the full MOEBE collection here.

Moebe 2

MOEBE Medium Double Oak Shelving System

The best thing about this MOEBE shelving system is that it gives you full freedom to build your own piece of furniture and fit it exactly to your needs. The unique shelving system can be built as tall as you like, as long as you like, built around corners – and the constructional ease that characterises the system even lets you decide whether the system should serve as a room divider or be picked up against a wall. It can dictate and transform any room you see fit, and it’s a handy place to store all your books, plants, pictures and collectibles that you so often struggle to find a home for.

Moebe 3

MOEBE Black 30cm Standing Mirror

Mirrors don’t always have to be big and free-standing, large or landscape. They can be small, considered and diminutive and still have the same impact. Take this MOEBE mirror, for instance. A frame-less, free-standing mirror that you can move to any shelf or table side in your home, the Standing Mirror appears like it defies gravity thanks to its lightweight metal wire form. Plus, the contrasting properties of the two components – solid and permeable, light and heavy – are what gives the design its character. A character that can enhance to any interior.

Moebe 4

Moebe 5

MOEBE Black Side Table

With its sleek and minimal design, the MOEBE Side Table is the epitome of the brand’s signature multi-purpose design. Made from three separate elements the design has no welding, gluing or sticking so it can be easily put together in as smart and simpler way as possible. Plus, with its bold monolithic look and small shape it’s an easy to transport side table that can easily replace a coffee table if you’re tight on space.

MOEBE Oak Tall Double Shelving System

Taller than the MOEBE Shelving System above, this storage alternative is the quintessence of the finest Scandinavian design beliefs; timeless design, functionality and personalisation. Its minimal design excels in its simplicity as the different package setups are unlimited and the wide range of applications allow you to customise the grid however you like. The best thing about the taller Doubling Shelving System, is that the unit isn’t bound by trends, styles or different function in the home, which makes it easy to integrate into every corner of your home.

MOebe 6

MOEBE Black Stand Lamp Set

Forget installing a number of small pendant lights or one statement chandelier, the MOEBE Stand Lamp is all you really need to manage light effectively in your living room and save a little space along the way. The free-standing lamp can easily be adjusted to create both an indirect ambient and direct task light beam. Plus, its long attachment cable means it can be moved around freely and easily and light up any space to maximise mood. That’s without even mentioning the exquisite design that comes paired with the classic 1937 architect lamp produced in Italy by the lighting brand Leucos.


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