“A chair’s function is not just to provide a place to sit; it is to provide a medium for self-expression.”

Chairs are about prestige and status, signalling something about oneself or the environment in which one resides. The florist chair by Knauf and Brown speaks a thousand words; setting the benchmark for contemporary, stylish seating arrangements.

Vancouver-based designers D Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown are renowned for a unique appreciation of shapes, colours, textures and crafting, cultivating in their latest project- the Florist chair.

Crafted as an opulent example of objects that study the space and life around them, the Florist Chair is a contemporary wingback design that collides block, angled shapes with curved edges for an effortlessly smooth, wooden seat.

Adorned in two supremely stylish finishes; a blushed pink and unblemished wooden exterior the Florist Chair is suited for a solitary existence or equally effective grouped together for an enchanting collection of chairs ideal for socialising.

The Florist Chair; fit for a king of all shapes, sizes and styles.

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