From the front, there's a meticulously restored grey shuttered 1800s facade proclaiming this as the home of "Alexander Thompson and Sons, Pattern Makers". Within there's a stunning, sleek home for a 21st century New Jersey family, featuring its own indoor pool.


This building once made huge wooden patterns to create, among others, ship's propellers. High end New York architects Fogarty Finger have underlined the building's heritage, while simultaneously creating a deluxe family residence.

Walk in and a vast open-plan dining/living/kitchen space greets the visitor. Here, slick mid-century modern influenced furnishings, marble surfaces and white kitchen fittings contrast with heritage features such as original machinery, wood pillars and joists.

A new upper storey accommodates the master bedroom suite. Terraces front and rear are planted with lush greenery.



The real secret lies in the excavated basement beneath the main living area. Here, giving on to an intimate courtyard to the side of the building, is a serene indoor swimming pool with steam room and sauna.

Fogarty Finger have pulled off an unlikely feat, celebrating the building's past while providing every amenity for luxurious inner city living. A hit with us, no question.


For more information, head to the Fogarty Finger website. 

Photography: Alexander Severin