Remember when you were younger and your parents insisted that you didn’t play with your food. Well, it doesn’t always pay to listen to adults; as Copenhagen-based photographer Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj (who is not a child any more, we should add) has deconstructed a range of popular food dishes by showcasing them as a series of minimalist photographs.


In a shoot for Nordic cookware brand Eva, Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj lets the ingredients speak for themselves by unravelling each ingredient and organizing them in a precisely arranged manner to ‘create image of minimalism and serenity, combining them with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feeling.’

With his unique flatlay photos on rich matte backgrounds, Hvilshøj creates a variety of considered compositions of raw recipe materials like carrots, star anise and lemon to suggest that the cookware itself is an essential element in classic Scandinavian food and drink.



Check out a few of our favourites in the image gallery above and view the full series on Behance. Also, be sure to follow Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj on Instagram, too.

Images courtesy of Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj