FORM / Kouichi Kimura have served up another spectacular family home in Shiga, Japan. In a bid to change common perceptions of concrete, the architects have used concrete in a design that appears to float above the ground. Use of light is the main tactic: lights around the south facade and industrial entrance raise the house, giving a modern feel and a bright foundation, softening the concrete.

The property is built on a busy highway, so windows are few and far between, instead, the concrete exterior protects the inhabitants from noise and the undesirable surroundings. Inside, the concrete is lit in such a way that the usually hard raw material seems soft and tranquil.

Although the property features an open floor plan, slight changes in height of floor and ceiling distinguish living areas. In addition, a patio railing obscures the busy road, inviting the eye upwards to enjoy the views of the landscape in the distance.

The Tranquil House is a display of great architectural intelligence, using little details to great effect. 

Images by Norihito Yamauchi, Yoshihiro Asada / FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects

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