If there is a day of the week where you can get away with dreaming it's Thursday. Forget ‘hump day’, or Wednesday as it is commonly known, or the struggles of Monday, Thursday is the gateway to the weekend, so you deserve a little daydream. In and amongst this morning’s gaze, we decided, after giving it some thought, that we’d quite like to move into the candy-coloured world of the ‘Constructed’ series created by photographer, Pawel Nolbert.

Pawel is known worldwide for his creative visual work, design and art for brands like Google, Sony, Mercedes-Benz and Disney, but it is his imagined 'Constructed' series that really explores the topics of human interaction, nostalgia and memory.


Filled with bold blocks of neon, Pawel’s images can be seen as a utopia for design lovers worldwide. The vibrant, sun-soaked series provides a visual discussion into the topics of human memory, our perception of reality and the creation of subjective, distorted reality on social media. The Polish-born, New York-based photographer explains: “I took my travel photos and just like we all do before posting it, I messed around with them a bit…trying to create my perfect version of reality.

“We construct our reality in our own way. We do that every day on our Instagram, blogs and other carefully created outlets. Knowing that the world around us doesn’t look like this, we somehow want to believe that all those often extremely filtered and post-processed images in our IG stream are actually the real thing.



“We never recall things exactly as they happened. We remember them in our personal way. One, true version of reality doesn’t exist.”

Check out a few of our favourite images in Pawel Nolbert’s ‘Constructed’ series in the image gallery above and head to his Behance to view the entire series.

All images courtesy of Pawel Nolbert.