The Sweater – Etudes

Embroidery has been around for a few seasons now and although much of the embroidery on offer this season is of the colourful variety, there is a subtler way to approach it. Opting for a classic sportswear staple piece such as a sweatshirt, in the form of this Etoile Crewneck from Etudes, is an easy way to wear the trend with less of the fuss. And with its monochromatic black iteration and clean grey and navy edition, it will go with anything – whether it is with a sweat short for summer or under a denim jacket when the temperatures drop.

The Sneakers – adidas, Common Projects, New Balance

No one really needs a reason or an excuse to buy some new sneakers – so we’re not going to give you one. All we’re going to say is some of this summer’s finest styles – from the classic adidas Stan Smith, the Common Projects Retro Slip On and the New Balance M991 are on sale for a little cheaper than normal. Not to mention the season’s stand-out sneaker, the adidas NMD – that’s in there too. As is the Vans Authentic and the Kenzo E17 Sneakers. Actually, so is the ETQ Amsterdam Sonic and the Diemme Veneto Low. Okay, we’ll stop now, but you get where we’re going with this; to save time, head to the sneaker category.



The Shirt –Schnayderman’s

Schnayerdman’s is a brand that has been built on a simple idea; that if you get the basics right and improve them with unique fabric choices, then everything else will follow. Their Quilted Overshirt is evidence of this approach and is consequently one of the smartest shirts that you can buy ahead of the upcoming seasonal crossover. Firstly, the traditional utilitarian details make the Quilted Overshirt a perennial essential, and a little bit different to your usual workwear-overshirt pick-up. Secondly, it’s a durable style that will look good on anyone; whether its matched with dark denim, chinos or tailored trousers. And thirdly, it’s extremely versatile. Available in our favourite quilted olive alongside light cotton varieties – including navy, cream and khaki.


The Essentials - A Day’s March

The sale is often an opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and throw a little caution to the wind – as the bold pieces that you’ve been eyeing up all summer long don’t seem as risky now the prices are slightly lower than before. But an affordable price tag does not offer justification for purchasing anything, and instead, you should look to the sale as an opportunity to build on those year-long basics – the tees, the shirts and the trousers that will look good all year long. Which is where A Day’s March comes in. The Swedish brand’s debut collection at OPUMO is filled with high-quality, friendly-priced staples that are all rendered in a neutral, and incredibly versatile, colour palette. A few of our favourites, the Merino Polo and the lightweight Twill Bomber Jacket make for the perfect pieces for summer, while they also perfectly represent the brand’s seriously attentive craftsmanship techniques. Which basically means that they’re incredibly comfortable to wear.