The Sun Valley House, built by Studio Rick Joy, an architecture studio based in Tucson, Arizona, offers a rare look into one of middle America’s most isolated locations.

Situated at the base of Ruud Mountain in Idaho, the Sun Valley House is a contemporary interpretation of the rugged landscape. The dwelling is cleverly comprised of two angular forms resembling the surrounding peaks. In an effort to provider near-seamless integration with Idaho’s rugged landscape, the property utilises various sloped volumes – including the peak additions that draw inspiration from the snow-capped mountains looming overhead.

Clad in an innovative mixture of granite, small-rubble stone and zinc, the neutral grey colour palette blends inconspicuously into the mountainous backdrop. The angular volumes also divide the interior into separate wings – one private and one public. Internally, the exposed materials blend with impeccable modern finishes and expansive glazing that showcases the impressive landscape. Not forgetting the essentials – a beautiful large stone fireplace and a large secluded sauna.

Sliding up against the soft topography of the highlands, Sun Valley is an exquisite family retreat that provides distinct spaces of quiet and bustling socialising.

Design by Studio Rick Joy

Photography by Joe Fletcher Photography

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