Perhaps it is no surprise that Nordic brand Handvärk are the latest designers to catch our eye, as Scandinavian supremacy continues to reign over all aspects of modern innovation.

But there is something unique that separates Danish brand Handvärk from its counter-parts, as designer and entrepreneur Emil Thorup, explains: “For a number of years, the Danes have shown incredible skills in woodwork, however, I found myself missing an alternative, in which other natural materials could be the cornerstone of design.”

The expedition in to showcasing new and unique materials, has seen Handvärk expand in to using the natural qualities of marble, metal and stone to create a simple and minimal aesthetic alongside their stylish and practical Scandinavian DNA.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Handvärk have forged a world-renowned reputation as a premium brand offering exquisite handcrafted furniture in various facades; including the highest quality steel, brass, marble and leather.

One of the Handvärk's finest pieces is the daybed, which elegantly displays the brand’s simplistic and subtle styling. Complete in a soft aniline leather, beautifully contrasted with a simple black cross-section base, the daybed is a timeless piece that will sit handsomely amongst any interior. As displayed alongside a long-stretching standing lamp and the Handvärk side table- complete in a luxuriously polished green marble and matte black frame, that boasts a unique pattern and expression.

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