In the coming years, we’re unlikely to spend as much time at home as we are right now. This period of isolation really emphasises the importance of homeware and loving your personal space, and the key to that – in our opinion – is surrounding yourself with great design.

Not only does good design make your home more visually exciting, it keeps your creative brain ticking over. Essentially, what we’re trying to say is that the following brands are good for you, so cover your walls with Peytil and Wall of Art’s wall art prints, light the way with GANTlights, Industville and Vitamin and update your environment with MAZE Interior.

Peytil Kroki Print

Peytil’s art prints for the home are a combination of artist Eitil’s passions. Graffiti-like spontaneity meets fashion illustration and portraiture, resulting in a collection of high-quality minimal wall art prints. Kroki Print uses precise penmanship to depict the outline of a reclining woman. Peytil’s signature line-drawing technique uses a blank backdrop and slender black lines to make a striking point.

Wall of Art Cocoon Print

Wall of Art constitutes what we’re backing as the art gallery of the future. Founded by Annika and Nicklas, the brand offers a platform for young and lesser-known artists to share their work with a wider audience for the first time. Cocoon Print by Sizar Alexis is an intricate and memorable work that’s sure to be a punchy addition to any wall. The writhing mass of thin lines has a hypnotic quality which might not be such a bad idea in these isolated times.

GANTlights T2up Triangle Floor Light 

GANTlights makes some of the world’s most recognisable home light fixtures. Each industrial light is crafted from the brand’s signature concrete to add a minimal, rugged angle to your interior design. The T2up Triangle Floor Light has caught our attention lately thanks to its versatility. This industrial floor lamp can be angled perfectly thanks to its isometric shade. What’s more, this light can be used just as easily as a minimal desk lamp. Gilding to the interior of the lamp shade ensures a warm glow when the light is turned on.

Industville Brooklyn Pendant

Continuing with industrial homeware, Industville’s Brooklyn Pendant provides an elegant but efficient lighting solution for your interiors. Industville’s retro lighting is a dream for interior design as it works well with modern themes as well as traditional and vintage interiors. We think that Industville lighting makes a particularly strong statement when grouped together, so try hanging this industrial pendant light in a group of three. 

Vitamin Cloak Pendant Lamp

Few design labels are as surprisingly original and creative as Vitamin. Based in London, Vitamin was founded in 2004 by brothers Chris and Andy Vernall who have since used the brand to offer items that are as functional as they are beautiful and original. Take the Vitamin Cloak Pendant Light for example. This minimal pendant light uses a premium glass dome to encase a beautifully crafted wooden sphere. Memorable when in use and out of use, the Cloak Pendant is a subtle centrepiece.

MAZE Interior Tracy Nightstand

Proudly Swedish and fiercely sustainable, Maze collaborates with local artisans to produce minimally-designed furniture that’ll slot seamlessly into your home. Each piece, ranging from sleek tables to elegant coat hangers is manufactured in Sweden, often produced from recycled materials and built to last. This Tracy nightstand is a case in point - it features a hand-welded steel frame, a ceramic top and leather detailing, making it the perfect finishing touch to an equally well-crafted bedroom. 

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