Project name: House T | Location: Aranya, Qinghuangdao, China | Completed: 2018 | Area: 328 sq.m. | Architects: META-Project

Not far from Beijing and Tianjin sits Qinghuangdao, one of the most popular holiday destinations in China. Thanks to its proximity to the most populous cities in China as well as its beaches, the city has become a hub for holiday-makers. Only an hour-long drive away from Qinghuangdao and the crowds that it attracts is Aranya, a serene town complete with perfect beaches and a close-knit community. Located on one of the town’s best beaches is House T by META-Project.

House T was designed, on request of the client, to maximise the sea views, taking advantage of the property’s setting. Situated just metres from the sand, House T is on display to most of Aranya’s visitors and residents, so META-Project knew it had to make a statement.

While being strikingly modern, the angular exterior of the property is constructed using mostly local materials, ensuring that House T doesn’t stand out distastefully from the beautiful surroundings.

The interior of House T is bright and spacious, welcoming communal gatherings. Abundant natural light is ushered into the open-plan interior through a number of strategically positioned large windows. Not only does this fill the house with light, it also creates a strong airflow through the property which minimises the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting.

When it comes to the interior design, modern furniture populates the living spaces, complementing the use of varying textures. Raw concrete contrasts with terrazzo flooring and white walls to add intrigue to the spacious interiors.

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