British lighting brand Industville fuses vintage style with modern reliability for a collection of industrial-inspired lights that encompass everything from ceiling pendants and wall sconces to flush mounts and cluster chandeliers.

Industville lighting harks back to the metal-heavy designs found on factory floors in vintage industry. The functional durability of metal light fittings is modernised by the sleek style of the Industville aesthetic, resulting in timeless lights that are made to last.

You know that you're getting top notch quality with Industville, as its lighting collections are designed in-house by a team of experienced designers and architectural specialists, with all pieces exclusively manufactured in the company's dedicated factory. Only the highest quality materials are used to craft and hand finish Industville's lights, ensuring they retain an authentic quality in keeping with the ethos and feel of vintage fixtures.

Rather than seek out expensive and potentially unreliable original pieces and pay the premium that comes with that, Industville offers similar designs but at a far lower price point. What's not to love?

Discover some of our favourite vintage-inspired lighting fixtures from Industville.