Established by architect and product designer Stefan Gant in 2012, the Berlin-based GANTlights has taken the design world by storm. Its unique light fixtures — which encompass everything from hanging lights and pendant lights to wall lights and standing lamps — are imbued with architectural character, bridging the gap between sleek minimalist design and innovative function.

Stefan Gant and his team work on handcrafting the lights from a former pastry shop in the Berlin neighborhood of Rixdorf, which they have transformed into a studio, showroom and workshop. They combine concrete and marble as well as precious metals and local oak wood for a distinct aesthetic that results in a unique tension and a sense of rugged refinement.

Concrete lampshades are made exclusively by hand from concrete and gold, using a specially developed concrete mixture that's weighed, mixed and moulded, before the formwork is carefully oiled by hand and an inner coating is applied.

Ceramic lampshades are handcrafted in a ceramic workshop using traditional age-old methods. Each consists of the ultra translucent Mont Blanc porcelain, which lends a certain softness to the shades.

The metal workshop is a hub of innovation, filled with cutting edge machinery and the latest technologies. Precision machines are used to cut, shape and then refine high-quality metal components for GANTlights' lamps before individual components are bent into shape by hand.

In the electric workshop, GANTlights has teamed up with a funded project called BWB to enable people with disabilities take over the safe and precise processing of cables and sockets of lamps. Here, sockets are assembled and lampholders are checked before everything is prepared for shipment.

After enduring such rigorous manufacturing processes, a finished GANTlights product is an artwork in itself. Such timeless design will elevate any interiors, from the ultra modern to the vintage-inspired.

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