The realms of fashion, music and sport are notorious for integrating. By that we mean, athletes regularly want to be musicians; musicians want to be fashion designers and so through their reciprocal love, they all blend into one. Rarely, despite the parallels between desirability and design, is motoring and fashion acknowledged as a perfect pair. But, we suspect that’s the way automotive-inspired lifestyle brand, Period Correct, like it.

Named after the term for ensuring things are a chronological match, Period Correct is a multi-functional retail space perfectly suited to the modern day. While many brands claim to have their own slice of culture, or look to be marginally different to an array of doppelgangers; Period Correct strive on being different. The brand, tucked in the quiet, sunny city of Costa Mesa, CA – inside an old Porsche parts dealership – don’t succumb to trends. Period Correct is a ship, store and brand that steers itself and the brand has created its own lane through showcasing vintage cars alongside a selection of apparel and accessories.

Marshalled by Brian Calvero, Period Correct is riding a crest of a wave following the recently released lookbook for 2016 Spring/Summer as well as an array of highly-anticipated collaborations with brands such as Vans and Stand 21. So we saw it as the perfect time to sit down with Brian to discuss inspirations, aspirations and the greatest car of all-time.

First of all, where did the idea of Period Correct come from?

The idea of Period Correct was simply to share a lifestyle that was for like-minded enthusiasts. Period Correct came from my heart, a passion I wanted to share with people who had a love for motorsports and classic cars through fashion.

What was the initial concept for the brand and how has that changed today from the initial brief?

First and foremost, the initial concept of the brand was to create our first flagship store that could tell a story and educate people more about motorsports and classic cars through every scale. Whether it was a book we carried about the great race car drive of Jim Clark or the 1:43 scale car model of the Ferrari 250 LM, to a full-scale Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Race Car that sat on display. We believe that we have stayed true to our concept thus far and that edge, education and individuality is the vision we have been carrying since day one.

You say Period Correct ‘redefine a culture lost through time, powered by the future of speed and modern design.' What is the full meaning behind that brand statement? 

Our intent at Period Correct is to create garments, objects and projects that reflect on the automobile era of the past with the influence of a modern design aesthetic. Simple as that.

As a brand, Period Correct don’t succumb to trends as it’s very much a movement that steers itself. Is that always a conscious decision – how hard is it to stay in your own lane and not be swayed by the wider world as it were?

Period Correct is a brand moved only by what we want to produce. We do not follow trends nor do we seek out what others are doing. The freedom of having creative control without having to answer to higher powers or corporate offices is what I love most. We offer what we want as a brand and not what we think we could sell millions of.

Is that uniqueness the aspect that makes the brand stand out most? Or what other aspects do you believe set you apart?

I believe we stand out as a brand because our interpretation of inspiration motorsports and classic cars. Also, by stepping out of the box and doing certain things that are out of the norm for an automotive inspired clothing brand. We are not trying to reinvent fashion, we’re only doing our best to try and tell a story and lifestyle through our offerings.

Retail stores are all steering towards clean, minimalism and again Period Correct is entirely different. What was your vision when creating the store and what were the inspirations behind it? 

My vision was to build a space that pulled together my passions of vintage cars and mid-century modernism into a gallery/living room feel that was a retail space. Basically, like an extension of my home which shares what the brand’s inspirations are. To be honest, all the case work in the flagship store was in tribute to my favourite designers Jean Prouve and Charlotte Perriand.

What were the major challenges in creating the store?

The challenge was to design a space that would house a 2-car display as well as a full collection of apparel and accessories. The second challenge was to accomplish this all with a minimal budget; so seeking affordable, high-quality materials in rich finishes was difficult to achieve.

Why Costa Mesa, California, as a location for the flagship?

It was an easy decision. The location was offered to me by a friend which made it even easier. The space was also a Porsche parts shop called Pars Obsolete from 1976-1992 which was once owned and run by Gary and Road Emory who are the legends behind the iconic 356 Outlaw Cars. So, the history of the building made me gravitate towards it immediately.

Can you explain the range of apparel and clothing that is offered in Period Correct?

The product assortment consists of T-Shirts, hats, jackets and accessories that are all made in the US, along with cut-and-sew pieces with their fabrics coming from Japan, but sewn in the States.

Moving away from the store, what was the moment when you personally fell in love with cars?

Since I was the age of 5 I had Formula 1 photos in my room; 1.18 scale models of Ferraris, Porsches and rally cars from all over the world. I remember telling my mother as a kid that one day these scale models will be life size. Its really a god’s gift that has been give to me to have a passion for cars. As well as owning this brand, I have prayed many nights before I made this decision to launch and he answered back by allowing the concept to breathe. Now I owe it all to him.

What is your favourite all-time car?

That’s extremely hard. Because my interest in cars is so wide I could probably pick 5 favourites. But if I had to pick one – it would be the Ferrari F40.

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