The difficulty of modern design is not what to add but what to remove. As the old saying goes, ‘perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away’. It is a certain skill that the Glasgow-based multi-disciplinary design studio, Instrmnt, have mastered. Following the success of the brand’s original 01 and 01 watches, Instrmnt has now unveiled their latest release, the K-Series.

The new series is made up of a trio of rubber-strapped watches that represents Instrmnt’s most contemporary – and perhaps avant-garde – timepiece to date. The watch follows the signature stripped-back aesthetic of Instrmnt whilst also providing a completely new offering in terms of the dynamism of design and the materials used.



The new K-Series collection of watches takes direct influence from the science of materiality and colour. Notably, the most prominent material specified for each watch is nitrile rubber. The unique material is created through a complicated process of polymerization that transforms molecular particles into more advanced, usable forms. In this case, allowing for elasticity, longevity and a silk-like texture - a texture that not only contributes to a cleaner, sharper and more elegant watch but one that fits more comfortably on the wrist too.




Fully vegan in their production, each watch in the K-Series collection takes on the appearance of a specific dilution of black and is paired with an Italian-made NBR compound strap to create its understated and uniform aesthetic. But as all Instrmnt watches take inspiration from the industrial design of the mid-20th century and are made from high-quality Swiss and German components, so does the K-Series. Every watch in the new collection continues to use the brand’s legacy of Swiss Rhonda 585 movements, as well as the solid sapphire crystal glass face.

Take a closer look at the all-new K-Series watch collection in the image gallery above and shop the entire Instrmnt watch series at OPUMO.