Words by Alek Rose

Founded only two years ago, in an industry of fierce customer loyalty, it may be surprising that Sternglas have had such an impact. Then you see the watches and the surprise soon dissipates. The attention to detail exhibited by Sternglas shows a level of maturity and dedication rarely seen in such young brands. 

Black / Natogreen Automatic Topograph Watch

Sternglas is based in Hamburg and uses the 20th century Bauhaus movement as its inspiration to create high-quality, minimalist timepieces. The brand has become well-known for its signature NAOS Watch and they've recently released two new models, the Topograph and the Junis 38 to join it. Both watches carry the hallmark quality of the rest of Sternglas’ collection and both adopt the minimalistic aesthetic that has made the brand so popular. Check them out in finer detail below.

White / Velours Zirkel Automatic Watch

Sternglas Automatic Topograph Watch

The deep black face of this Black Automatic Topograph contrasts with the stark white hands and markings, creating a precise and stylish surface. The silver casing is a classic touch and works with the dark brown leather strap. This timepiece exudes mature, self-confident style. Its not small, or introvert, it is just incredibly easy-to-wear. The case diameter of 42mm highlights that. It has a subtle masculine character through a balance of visual-aesthetic quality and functional precision that comes with its 42mm size. Not that you’ll need it, but all Sternglas watches come with a 2-year guarantee too. Which is always a plus.

White Silver / Premium Dark Brown Junis 38 Watch
White / Silver Vintage Mocha Zirkel Automatic Watch

Sternglas Premium Junis 38 Watch

With a similar design to the Topograph, the Junis is its younger sibling. Despite its case diameter measuring 38mm, this petite timepiece still makes an impact. The colour scheme is more noticeable than the mysterious darkness of the Topograph, though intelligent design ensures that it doesn’t beg for attention. The watch face is – as always with Sternglas – minimalist perfection, easy-to-read and with a strong dose of class. We love the cement coloured strap of this product because it adds a little pop contrast to your wrist that you don’t often see. 

Black Automatic Topograph Watch

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