We like to think that we have a fairly solid offering when it comes to catering to any element of a man’s life. And that includes everything from clothing to sneakers, homeware to audio. And, with more than twenty accessories and luxury lifestyle brands on site, we’re particularly proud of our selection of lifestyle products that have been specifically chosen to make your life that little bit easier.

Le Cord is a technology accessory brand that launched on OPUMO last month. Founded in 2013 with a simple mission statement to ‘produce luxuriously designed charge and sync cable for a range of Apple products,’ Le Cord has blazed a trail in the market of fashionable electronic accessories with its collection of premium tech hardware that blends durability and design with creativity and colour. And, if you – like me and 99% of the population – own an Apple mobile device, you will be aware of the perils that come with charging your iPhone.

Like every budding relationship it’s all smiles and easy-going at first; things flow naturally without a thought or care in the world. However, over time, use and dependency, things grow thin and things generally don’t work how they used to before. We are, of course, referring to the inevitable fraying and intermittency of the humble charging cable.

The warning signs start when the phone has to be placed at a certain, precious angle before it can charge, and then it evolves to a stage where the cable seems to only want to cooperate with certain plug sockets. And we haven’t even begun talking about the length of the cable – so short, that it often leaves you huddled in a corner in order to stay in touch whilst charging. Thankfully, Le Cord has the solution.




All Le Cord charging cables come with MFI certification from Apple and all are specifically designed to connect to iPhone and iPads – including iPhone 5/S/C/5/6 Plus models and iPad Mini/Air, iPod Nano (7th gen) and iPod Touch (5th gen). Ranging in size, from a diminutive, travel-friendly Micro Cable at 40cm in length, to the standard 1.2m cable to the largest, 2m cable – all of the Le Cord Charging Cables come wrapped in a knitted colourful fabric that not only adds a touch of personality to the design but they also ensure that the cable is entirely tangle free. And when paired with our favourite Master and Dynamic ME01 Earphones – which are entirely tangle-free, too – you can travel anywhere fuss-free and safe in the knowledge that you won’t be wasting time untangling. Maybe it’s time you invested.

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