We are aware that there will always be a little scepticism when introduced to a new sneaker brand, as it often takes a lot for us all to veer away from what we know – after all, that is what has made Converse, Adidas, Common Projects and the like so successful, they’re practically uniform. So, to put the sceptics to bed, we are giving you a full low-down on one of our favourite independent labels that has taken the sneaker world by storm with its sleek minimalist kicks. Read on for everything you need to know about JAK.

JAK review

Since its launch, Portuguese footwear label JAK has garnered a whole lot of attention for its unique take on the ever-popular premium leather sneaker. The precision, care and the quality craftsmanship of each shoe is clear to see as soon as you unbox them. First of all, the full-grain leather uppers — which are completely sourced and manufactured in Portugal — feel soft, supple and incredibly comfortable. Take a closer look at the label's bestselling Atom sneaker and the quality is made even clearer. Due to the Atom’s unique one-piece-of-leather design, the sneaker’s flexibility and durability is almost unrivalled. The full-grain leather not only carries natural markings that will age beautifully over time, but it also gathers at the tongue to provide the Atom with its soft, stand-up design.

Every pair of JAK sneakers is made instantly recognisable thanks to its refined appearance, impactful presentation and unique colourways that range from the classic Royal Navy and Black hues to the more progressive and equally popular Mustard and Grape designs. With a minimalist design philosophy at its core, JAK ensures that details are stripped back and sneaker silhouettes are decidedly simple. There's no loud branding or flashy features. The emphasis here is on quality of construction over fussy aesthetics, resulting in timeless designs that will transcend trends and seasons.

Perhaps best of all, JAK takes great care to ensure an ethical and eco-friendly production model, so you can feel good about your purchase. Its shoes are manufactured in the north of Portugal, a region that's renowned for its multi-generation, family-owned shoe production factories. The brand sources materials locally and responsibly, and follows a strict ethical code, making sure the raw materials it uses have a minimal impact on the environment, and that the people it works with are fairly and ethically treated. In our current fast fashion-obsessed era, JAK's transparent approach is a breath of fresh air.

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