Words by Lucy Thomas

Kolla is a Swedish word meaning “to look” and that is exactly what you’ll be doing, if not staring, at the range of prints that they have just released at OPUMO. Established in 2018 in Stockholm, Kolla is made up of a collective of photographers, designers, artists and printing professionals who all share a perspective, love and knowledge for photographic art. They also believe that ‘buying art should be one of life’s pleasures’ and so they source and curate unique photographic art and high-quality prints from around the world.

What makes Kolla particularly unique is its idea to 'bring the world to people’s homes' through exceptional quality and unique, sometimes undiscovered, photography. From its Desert Landscapes series to its Italian History series, no corner of the globe is left untouched. On top of all of this, while producing high-quality museum-like products on demand, the brand is also dedicated to remaining accessible and affordable for everyone. So, scroll down to explore a few of our favourites and shop the entire Kolla collection here.

Red Stripe Photograph

Kolla promotes perspective as an important means of taking and looking at photographs, and Red Stripe shows exactly what the power of perspective can do. The impossible angle with the impeccable timing makes this print a stand out piece in the brand's debut collection.

Kolla - 1


Ravinj Harbour Photograph

Maja Tsolo’s photograph will have you longing for seaside life and dreaming of travelling to faraway places. A simple, yet effective arrangement, the boats in the foreground and the terracotta buildings lining the background make this print perfect for anywhere in the home.

Kolla - 2

Kolla - 3

Florida St. Photograph

The overlapping shapes and incorporation of rectangle and squares dominate the composition of this piece, yet the whitewash of the walls simplifies this snapshot of Florida Street. Its a moment that has been captured by Si Moore, a photographer from Auckland, New Zealand, who spends a lot of time traversing the globe shooting street-scapes on medium format film on obsolete old cameras and then praying that it works out. Safe to say, that this time its worked out pretty well.

The Slow Fast Lane Photograph

A muted colour palette is contrasted with dark accents which makes this piece versatile and refreshing. It offers a new perspective on everyday life, and it show that its often the details that go unseen in the world that offer up the most magic moments.

Kolla - 4

A Desert Adventure V Photograph

Photographer Maurizio Palumbo confesses he loves “aimlessly getting lost on the mountain roads, in the desert and in woods”. This print pretty much embodies his sense of adventure as the subdued colours, blue skies and motorbike evokes the need to get up and go on a wild ride.

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