The family-run business is a dying one, which makes encountering a brand like Lafaurie all the more special. Its generation-spanning story began with Pierre Lafaurie, a born-and-bred Parisian with an eye for good style. In 1991, inspired by the style of the artists and intellectuals of the Left Bank, he designed two products that he had made in France: a poplin shirt and a canvas painter's jacket. And so his brand, which he named Emile Lafaurie, was born.

Almost thirty years on, and although Pierre has sadly passed away, the spirit of the Emile Lafaurie brand is very much alive, carried on by Pierre's sons Théo and Pablo. The brothers have taken on the challenge of maintaining a precious heritage while bringing it up to date, in the process transforming Emile Lafaurie to Lafaurie.

Inspired by their father's passion for beautiful fabrics and high quality craftsmanship, they work to create trans-seasonal and trans-generational menswear staples that are thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted to stand the test of time. With an emphasis on quality of fabrics and cut over extraneous aesthetic detailing, the Lafaurie collection comprises key garments that range from its signature offering of beautifully cut cotton shirting and workwear-inspired painter's jackets to luxurious merino sweaters and functional yet sophisticated outerwear. Transcending trends and seasons, these are pieces that you'll reach for time and again. They are characterised by a casual elegance, making them easily dressed up or down. For the modern man, this extent of versatility is a significant selling point.

With family at its core, Lafaurie is built on a strong belief in independence and local commerce. Since its inception, the brand has maintained a strong culture of craftsmanship, never using intermediaries and working directly with the best production workshops to guarantee its customers a fair price. Lafaurie's partners are committed to making its production as socially and environmentally responsible as possible, whilst using the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes. 

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