You’d like a proper classic Land Rover Defender 110, but you can do without any of the discomfort and mechanical difficulty that, along with the undoubted joy, these great but sometimes crude machines provide. Help is at hand in the form of self-professed Defender obsessives Blackridge Motors of Norwalk, Connecticut. As they put it: “our obsession travels beyond design, beginning with our vehicles’ core mechanics and engineering”. Result is the truly extraordinary remade Land Rover Defender 110 you see here, a super-luxe restomod off-roader that Blackridge call the Mark X. We want one already.

You’ll already have noticed the black external roll cage that surrounds what was once a perfectly ordinary Land Rover Defender 110. Underneath lies a bespoke chassis, produced in collaboration with Roadster Shop. Each panel and every modification is handmade in Blackridge’s workshops, which brim with classic Landies awaiting a new life.

The Mark X is effectively a new car. There’s fresh suspension. Fox Factory shocks add a ride that early Defender owners could only dream of. Open the classic-style bonnet for a brutal surprise: a GM 6.2-litre V8, good for 465 bhp, mated to a state-of-the-art eight-speed transmission. This is a restomod for all seasons, including the one that involves a blast up the autobahn. Wilwood brakes are fitted to ensure you’ll stop before Berlin.

There’s real magic inside too. Gone is any aspect of traditional Landie discomfort. In comes a brilliantly re-imagined cockpit, complete with high-back hand-stitched leather chairs. An old-school wood-rimmed steering wheel completes a perfect picture. If, like us, your life won’t be complete until you have what may be the ultimate Land Rover Defender 110 restomod in your garage, there’s an easy solution. Commission Blackridge Motors to build yours. Around £225,000 should do it. Cheap, frankly, at the price.

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