First, the name. Lennertson translates, say this forward-looking shoe company's young founders, as "to be lion-hearted". The idea is that this is new classic footwear with strength and pride at its heart. That, and a certain individuality. Designed in Belgium, each pair is painstakingly made in Almansa in south-east Spain, a place where shoemaking has been at the centre of working life since the 18th century. Designs may be fresh, but the techniques are time-honoured.

Lifelong friends Robin Carlo and Robin Todde say they set up Lennertson to share their passion for art, design and style. Footwear, you might say, is a man's calling card. Appreciating that, Lennertson have majored on the basics: classic design with a twist, while drawing on the established experience of families and companies who've made shoemaking their lives for generations.

Leathers are from European tanneries, so that all of the materials that make up your next pair of Lennertson shoes are traceable. Key to the construction of each pair is the 150-year-old Goodyear welting process of shoemaking. It means that each pair of Lennertson shoes can take weeks or sometimes even months to construct. It's the very antithesis of fast fashion and the result, say Lennertson, is a pair of shoes that will be with you for decades to come.

Every detail counts. Lasts are made by experienced makers in England. Outsoles are chosen to suit the shoe. Some feature leather with injected rubber traction lugs for easy navigation of urban pavements. More rugged styles have all rubber studded outsoles by the specialist British maker Dainite. 

The end result, whether your choice is a classic Kaiser brogue or Lennertson's sought-after Chieftain boot, is a pair of shoes that effortlessly exudes contemporary classic style while, in its construction, contains the accumulated wisdom of generations of shoemakers. There's very little that's more authentic than that.

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