If you’re looking to take your living room to the next level, there are a few easy changes you can make that you may not have previously considered.

From the right lighting to a future-proof alternative to the humble radiator, here are four living room upgrades you didn’t know you needed. 

Smart heaters - KOLEDA

For when radiators aren’t quite enough, the KOLEDA M2 smart app-controlled heater should do the trick. Easy to mount and install, this wall-mounted heater is controllable via your phone - monitor realtime spend, schedule it to turn on and off and combine it with others for zonal heating. What’s more, its thin profile and simple design ensures it’ll blend into your room or stand out, depending on the colour you choose. 

Statement prints - Wall of Art

It’s no secret that artwork can inject a dose of colour and vibrancy into a room. If you’ve overlooked it up until now and are on the hunt for beautiful yet affordable prints, Wall of Art is the place for you. With a range of work on offer from photography to colourful illustrations, Wall of Art prints cost as low as £26, so there’s no excuse not to invest and jazz up your living room.

Overhead lights - GANTlights

Often one of the most shunned pieces of the living room, the overhead light shade is a key feature and one that can transform the look and feel of a room. Not only does it do this visually, but the way it channels and projects light can have a drastic affect on the ambience. GANTlights knows this, which is why its concrete pendant lights are lined in gold paint, which projects a warm glow throughout. 

Wall lights - Industville 

For times when an overhead light is too much though, a wall light offers a more subtle, gentle light ideal for evenings in front of the TV. Industville’s swan neck wall light is perhaps the ideal solution, and offers an industrial take with its wire cage and dark pewter finish - pair it with a filament bulb to bathe your living room in a rustic warm glow. 

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