Located in a suburban area of Mendoza, Argentina, LL House by A4estudio is part of a study on isolated houses.

The property is strikingly private, the front façade made up of a garage area and a featureless black module. Exposed concrete forms the majority of LL House’s framework, complemented by a black plane that delineates the roof and creates a strong border for LL House, closing it off from its surroundings.

On entry into the property, the rooms begin to open up, but only thanks to long corridors and various intermediate spaces. From just the entrance it is possible to enter the reading room, the cellar and the main space which integrates the living room, dining room, kitchen and gallery.

Entirely laid out on the ground floor, LL House uses corridors to further experiment with isolation. While the front of the property is almost claustrophobic, the rear evolves into a welcoming, open space that creates a free dialogue between interior and exterior. It’s the corridors and transitional spaces of the house that characterise LL House.

Miniature courtyards and gardens fill up any empty spaces caused by the corridors of the house, reacting to the extreme weather conditions of the location which would not permit the growth of the delicate trees and plants. The property is built around one main courtyard, as though the harsh concrete exterior is there only to protect this natural haven.

Photography by Arq. Luis Abba.

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