Independence and innovation are two words that are often used to describe Maharishi – and the British brand continue to grow with another impressive range of military-meets-streetwear clothing for Autumn/Winter 2016.

In an exclusive new campaign video that has been handed the lengthy title of “Post-Geographic Devotional Uniform & Habits: Part II,” the London-based brand showcases its latest line of utilitarian products that take inspiration from the habits of Tibetan Buddhist monks.

It comes as no surprise that the longevity of Maharishi grows though designer Hardy Blechman’s unique vision of elevating classic military and tribal items into statement essentials. Displayed through the theme of ‘devotion’ that is underlined throughout the latest collection – signified by the patches, badging and drip camo that resemble various military squadrons, tribes and spiritual followings.

For AE16, the label adopts a rich autumnal colour palette with Red Lama, Rust and Black the shades that dominate the entire line-up. Standout items from the latest collection include the Bonsai Tree Camouflage Print, Dragon Embroidered Jackets and upcycled outerwear.

Stay tuned for the latest Maharishi drop coming soon to OPUMO.